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If you’ve been using Zoom like everyone else for the past two years, you’re probably familiar with many of its functions and features. While Zoom has become one of the premier video conferencing platform around the world, many of its users aren’t aware that it can be used to record and save virtual presentations in a few simple steps. To see how, click the “Watch the Tutorial” button. Make sure you’ve first downloaded and installed Zoom on your desktop if you don’t have an existing account.

If you don’t have a Zoom account and would like to use it to record your presentation, click the “Download Zoom” button. This will begin an automatic download of the desktop version of Zoom. In order to record and save videos locally, you have to do it on your desktop device (i.e. laptop or desktop). You will then need to follow all download instructions and create an account. There is a free version of Zoom that will allow you to perform all the functions outlined in the video tutorial.

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Google Slides has surpassed Microsoft PowerPoint as the preferred way to create visual presentations. It’s free, saves your work automatically, and accessible anywhere with or without an internet connection. Add on to that the ability to work collaboratively with others by sharing your presentations with them, and it’s easy to see why Slides have risen to the top.

To record using Google Slides, you’ll need a Google account and the Google Chrome web browser. While in the Chrome browser, you will need to go to the Chrome Web Store, search for the “Record to Slides” extension, and click “Add to Chrome”. This will allow you to record a presentation while in Google Slides. (This is all outlined in the video tutorial.) If you do not have a Google account, you can create one by clicking the button to the right.


Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Unlike the other options on this list, you can design, record, and download your presentation all within your free Canva account without ever needing to switch to or between different applications or screens. Canva is without question the most user-friendly option and is our preferred platform for creating professional-looking materials.

To see how easy this is, watch the video tutorial. The only drawback is that you have to create your slides within the Canva platform. If you’ve already made a slideshow presentation using a different service––like Google Slides of Microsoft PowerPoint––you cannot upload those into Canva. You would have to remake them. If you’re starting from scratch or wanting to breathe new life into your slide deck, we cannot recommend Canva enough.

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PowerPoint, Microsoft’s presentation software, has been used by the company since 1990. It’s probably the first program most used when learning how to make a slideshow presentation. While more efficient, user-friendly options exist today (like Google Slides and Canva), there’s something to be said for familiarity.

If you’ve already made your slideshow using PowerPoint, it might be the best option for recording your presentation. Many companies and organizations subscribe or have access to Microsoft Office and its programs, so there’s a good chance PowerPoint’s software is already on your computer. This is important as the only way to record audio and video within PowerPoint is by using its desktop version. To see how to record your presentation within PowerPoint, watch the tutorial video by clicking the button on the right.

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While Zoom has become the most popular video conferencing software, many organizations who subscribe to Microsoft Office favor Microsoft Teams over the third-party platform. Teams is similar to PowerPoint in that it requires a paid account in order for its users to record audio and video. If you have an existing subscription to Microsoft Office or Office 365 and prefer Teams to the other recording options listed above, watch the video tutorial that details how you can use the software to record your presentation.

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