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Why the Conference is Not In Person

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, teacher and substitute shortages throughout districts, and uncertainty surrounding in-person events, the 2022 IL Career Connections Conference team––with guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education––made the difficult decision to host the 2022 conference virtually.


Exhibiting on the Virtual Conference Platform

We will be using “Hopin”––a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas optimized for connecting and engaging––to host the 2022 IL Career Connections Conference. This is the same platform used for the 2021 virtual conference. Participants loved its ease of use and how closely it mimicked an in-person event.

The “Expo” area of Hopin is the exhibitor hall of digital vendor booths. Attendees can visit your Expo area and learn about relevant products and resources your organization has to offer. They can “walk-around” to visit the booths that interest them, interact with exhibitors, and take action.


How to Set Up Your Organization's Virtual Presence

Your organization’s booth can contain pre-recorded or live video, branded content, website and social media links, special promotional offers, representatives on live camera, and clickable buttons, all of which are customizable. Building out your booth can take as little as thirty minutes, but the total time will depend on the booth features you choose to use and how robust you want your organization’s booth to be.

Once the conference event has been built in Hopin, you will be sent a link via Hopin to create your virtual exhibitor booth. That link will be sent to the email(s) you provided when completing the Exhibitors’ Google form. (If you have not completed that form yet, you can do so by clicking here. The form can also be accessed by clicking “Be an Exhibitor” under the “For Exhibitors” tab of the dropdown menu.) You will also receive an email from Kaleb Wachala (kwachala@roeschoolworks.org) when the link from Hopin has been sent out to ensure it doesn’t get missed.

If you’d like to see how-to instructions and all available features, visit this page, you can click here. This might look a bit confusing now, but it will make sense when you receive the invitation in late March/Early April and get on the Hopin platform. These instructions can also be accessed by clicking “Setting Up My Booth” under the “For Exhibitors” tab of the dropdown menu.


What is Required Instead of Paying a Fee

In lieu of paying a booth fee, the 2022 IL Career Connections Conference is requesting a donation from exhibitors that can be won/earned by attendees. There are three criteria for this donation.

  1. The dollar amount of the donation(s) needs to be a minimum of $250.
  2. The product, service, curriculum, license, and/or subscription being donated must be applicable to career and technical education coursework and/or the three conference themes of equity, community outreach, and integration of core academics within CTE coursework. (For more information regarding our conference themes, click here.)
  3. Your organization is responsible for shipping/distributing your donation(s) to the winning attendee(s), if applicable. The ILCCC will reimburse all shipping costs as long as appropriate paperwork is submitted.


More Details About Exhibiting

  1. The deadline to submit exhibitor information is Friday, March 11, 2022.
  2. When completing the Exhibitor’s Google form, you will be asked to upload a high-quality logo (preferably with a transparent background) and description of your organization.
  3. When completing the Exhibitor’s Google form, you will be asked what your organization intends to donate, including the name, description, estimated value, and image. If you are unsure of donation details at the time of completing the form, someone from your organization will need to send that information to Kaleb Wachala (kwachala@roeschoolworks.org) and Mrs. Jerri Waller (jwaller@roeschoolworks.org) NO LATER than March 4, 2022.
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